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Maybe this will remind you of a special villain.


Yes, we were inspired by this character. But it´s not just about the looks. We thought about the whole story behind it.

Don´t we all had these situations where we thought we´re stuck and can´t move forward? Weren´t there moments where we would do anything to achieve our goals? Even if that means to exchange something super precious?

Let these earrings be your reminder, that you don´t need to trade or exchange something for feeling better. You are more than enough.


And in case you never experienced moments like this, enjoy these gorgous villain vibes.


These "TENTALICIOUS" earrings are made of 1 layer acrylic glass and stainless steel ear hooks. The earrings are designed by us, etched/engraved and also cut out with a laser. The etched/engraved areas are filled with acrylic color by hand.




  • size: 9 cm x 5 cm
  • matte black acrylic
  • stainless steel ear hooks


SKU: ER0040
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