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Jewellery Care

We want you to be happy with our jewellery for as long as possible. Understanding how to care for and protect your treasured pieces can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty. That's why we'd love to give you some care tips:

Store your jewellery carefully
You should store your jewellery in a safe and dry place. It is always a good idea to keep your jewellery well sorted, to avoid any scratches between them. Just like with Divas, too close competition can cause some drama. If you like having your jewellery on display, then be aware that it's likely to need a clean more often, so keep an eye on it.

Cleaning your Jewellry

Use a soft microfibre cloth with gentle pressure. This will eliminate most of the stains like fingerprints. Additionally you can dip the microfibre cloth in a dish soap water mixture, to wipe off more resilient stains. Too much enthusiasm with jewellery cleaning may not be a good thing!

When to remove your jewellery

  • Before going swimming or just taking a shower. Especially chlorine or salt water can damage and discolour your jewellery.

  • Before taking a sunbath. Too much sunshine and heat are no good friends for any Diva.

  • Before getting sweaty with your training, or probably just cleaning your apartment in summer.

  • Before applying cosmetics for makeup, or hairsprays and perfumes. Always finish your look and hair first, so you can complete it afterwards with your favourite jewellery!

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