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It´s like Madonna once said: Don't put me off, 'cause I'm on fire, and I can't quench my desire!


Introducing our Temptation earrings, crafted to represent the burning fire inside all of us. Sometimes we feel the urge to follow even our dark emotions, and with these earrings, you can embrace and express that fiery side.

Everybody has a dark side, but after all, we are still human, and these stunning earrings are a perfect reminder of the complex and beautiful nature of our humanity. These earrings are sure to make a statement and spark conversation. Embrace the tempting allure of these earrings and unleash your inner fire.


These TEMPTATION earrings are made of 1 layer acrylic glass and stainless steel ear hooks. The earrings are designed by us, cut out with a laser and filled with color by hand.



  • size: 5,5 cm x 4,6 cm
  • red acrylic
  • stainless steel ear hooks



SKU: ER0055
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