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When we were young, we all wanted to be a part of the Sailor Team, right?


Today we are heroines and heroes in our everyday life. We manage to do our job, having time for friends and family, some of us have 2 jobs, take care of our pets, managing our household, partying on the weekend... and so much more.


But we also want to have this little magic in our life. Sometimes we want to transform into a heroine or hero, that the others can see what we do.

With this earrings, we wanted to create the feeling of transforming to a Sailor Soldier. Because we´re all normal people and the heroines or heroes in one person.


These Sailor Style earrings are made of 2 layers acrylic and a stainless steel ear hook.

The earrings are designed on the computer and then cut with a laser cutter.


  • size: 7,3 cm x 3,7 cm
  • black acrylic
  • gold mirror acrylic
  • stainless steel hooks

Sailor Style

SKU: ER0020
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