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Let's be different, as we always preach.


So why not change colors to objects which are burned in our brain in various colors? Let me paint the bananas for you, like Alice did in wonderland. We should see the world different, is there really anything which is not possible? And why? Because we say no, we shrink our possibilities. And that has to stop. For that we give you these pink bananas.


These Pink Banana earrings are made of 2 layers acrylic glass and stainless steel hook. They're designed by us, etched/engraved and also cut out with a laser. The etched/engraved areas are filled with acrylic color by hand. The different parts were glued together by hand.




size: 9 cm x 5,5 cm (without hook)

black acrylic

baby pink acrylic

pastel yellow acrylic

stainless steel ear hook

Pink Banana

SKU: ER0032
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