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Usually we are correct people and follow the rules, right?


Throughout the years we experienced exploitation, bad behaviour against us and other worse moments in our life. So it's not natural for us but we were forced to don't play fair anymore. Not always, but there are moments where we have to change our behaviour for getting what we deserve.



This material is marbled, that means, that every necklace is different. The necklace you receive will look different than this picture like it happens with real marble. The pink is bright neon pink, brighter and pinker as on the pictures, it was not possible to recreate the brightness of the color on the computer.


This I DONT PLAY FAIR necklace is made of one layer acrylic glass with a stainless steel necklace. The necklace designed by us, etched/engraved and also cut out with a laser. The etched/engraved areas are filled with acrylic color by hand.




  • size 7,6 cm x 6,5 cm
  • marbled acrylic
  • stainless steel necklace



I Don't Play Fair

SKU: NL0024
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