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Embrace the Ocean's Elegance!


Introducing our "Golden Shells" ear studs, inspired by Ricardo's profound love for the sea. These exquisite ear studs capture the essence of ocean waves, the serenity of marine life, and the whispers of the ocean breeze.

Let's bring a touch of the sea's magic to your everyday style. Let the "Golden Shells" transport you to sunlit shores and tranquil waters, embodying the timeless beauty of the ocean in every wear.

Perfect for sea lovers and those who cherish unique, artisanal jewelry.


This GOLDEN SHELL ear studs are made of gold metallic acrylic and stainless steel studs. The earring ist designed on the computer, cut and engraved with the laser and the filled with white acrylic color.


  • size: approx. 5,3 cm x 6,4 cm
  • gold metallic acrylic
  • stainless steel stud

Golden Shells

SKU: ER0056
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