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Do you really need an explanation?

Usually we're like a Barbie, nice and lovely. But sometimes it's not possible to be a Barbie. There are times where we have to be a Bitch, where we want to be a bitch. All of you know it and all of you can free your inner bitch.

Be proud an remember, you can be both, a Barbie AND a Bitch.

This Bitchy necklace is made of 2 layers of acrylic and a stainless steel necklace with a lobster clasp. The pendant is designed on the computer and then cut out with a laser.




  • size: 8 cm x 3,4 cm
  • black acrylic
  • pastel pink acrylic
  • stainless steel necklace
  • lobster clasp ending


SKU: NL0005
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