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Spray the assholes away!


We try to manage our life as good and as easy as possible, working hard to make a good living. This fact alone can be very hard sometimes. And there are people who try to brighten up their life by bringing others down. We all faced situations with these people, they pop up in our lives from time to time.


These people are plain assholes and we need to avoid them or cut them out of our lifes. It's easier to show the world what you think about these people and let them know what you really want, spray them away, cut them out of your life and avoid them!


These ANTI ASSHOLE SPRAY earrings are made of 2 layers acrylic glass and stainless steel ear hooks. They are designed by us and then engraved and cut out with a laser. The different parts are assembled by hand.




size: 9,5 cm x 3,4 cm

black acrylic

black glitter acrylic

white acrylic

stainless steel ear hooks

Anti Asshole Spray

SKU: ER0037
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