We told you many times to be proud of yourself, and we don´t stop.





We know you can do it. Some days can bring you down, especially mondays. Yeah, mondays usually suck.

And on these days, you need an extra kick to feel good and move on. In case you forgot, wear this necklace, look in the mirror and feel yourself. You are awesome, you are sexy and you slay gurl.


This Yass gurl, slay! necklace is made of acrylic and a stainless steel chain with a lobster clasp. The pendant is designed on the computer and then laser cut and also engraved with the laser. Then we used white acrylic color to fill the engraved words.



  • 3 heart pendant size: 7 cm x 1,9 cm
  • dark glitter acrylic
  • stainless steelchain
  • lobster clasp ending

Yass gurl, slay!

SKU: NL0006