Under the sea? No, around the neck!

We love Ariel, who doesn´t? And we want to have her with us, even when we´re not at the sea or in front of the tv.

For the 30th anniversary of "The little mermaid" we designed this beautiful necklace.
We wanted to bring the moment to life when she turns around and sees him.....Prince Eric. The happiness in her eyes, the moment of bliss when she finally found what she was looking for so bad.

The Ocean Princess necklace is made of 2 layers acrylic glass and a stainless steel necklace. The pendant is designed on the computer and then we used the laser cutter to produce the single pieces. The etched areas are filled with acrylic color.


size: 9,5 cm x 5,5 cm
2 layers acrylic
black acrylic
red acrylic
skin colored acrylic
purple acrylic
stainless steel necklace
lobster clasp closure

Ocean Princess

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