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A burger isn´t just a normal meal.

It´s a symphony made of different ingredients. There´s the bun, a cooked beef patty, and other ingredients such as cheese, lettuce or a delicious sauce.
And so are you, you are more than what meets the eye. You should express it, show it to the world that you are a human symphony



These earrings are designed by us and also laser cut and engraved with the laser by us. The engraved "M.A.S." is filled with acrylic paint.


  • size: 8,9 cm x 6,7 cm
  • 2 layers acrylic
  • black acrylic (base)
  • beige/light brown acrylic (bun)
  • green acrylic (salad)
  • dark brown acrylic (patty)
  • yellow/light orange acrylic (cheese)
  • red acrylic (tomatoes)
  • stainless steel ear hook

M.A.S. Takeaway

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