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Fries before guys!

Fries are such a good thing. They are delicious, we could have them every day. They are so much easier to handle than guys.
In the end it´s your decision, fries or guys?
In case you want both, just wear those earrings and have fun.



These earrings are designed by us and also laser cut and engraved with the laser by us. The engraved "M.A.S." is filled with acrylic paint.


  • size: 6,2 cm x 9,6 cm
  • 2 layers acrylic
  • black acrylic (base)
  • red acrylic (fries box)
  • metallic white acrylic (logo)
  • yellow acrylic (fries)
  • black glitter acrylic (edging of logo)
  • stainless steel ear hook

I´m so fry

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