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We are weak when it comes to powerful women. We adore them and celebrate them. As you know, we love unique styles and unique stuff. So we decided to add another unique style to our products and combine girl power with an awesome idea.


This is a LED Lamp. It is made of clear acrylic which is etched and cut out with the laser cutter. Second part of this lamp is the black LED base. The etched acrylic is stuck into the slot on the base´s surface. On the bottom of the slot, there are LED lights. When you turn the lamp on, the light goes through the acrylic and the "white" etched areas light up.


The lamp comes with a remote control and a micro usb to usb cable. With the remote control, you can use 16 different colors and also 4 different light modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth. You can also turn luminous strength up and down.

There is also a Power Button (Soft Button) on the surface of the black base. With one slight touch, the lamp is turned on. Every touch switches between the colors and the modes. When you hold your finger on the button, the lamp turns of.


The whole lamp with the base is approx. 27 cm high. It also can be used with batteries.


* The colours shown on this website may differ from the actual colours depending on the monitor and resolution of your computer.




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