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Who says that you can´t drink wine out of a cup?

Stop going with the flow, put on our earrings and you´re ready to go. We want to stand out of the crowd, we want to look special and sometimes we want to drink wine out of a cup instead of a glass.
We just do it, we are unique and so are you!



These earrings are designed by us and also laser cut and engraved with the laser by us. The engraved "M.A.S." is filled with acrylic paint.


  • size: 5,5 cm x 9,9 cm
  • 2 layers acrylic
  • black acrylic (base)
  • red acrylic (cup)
  • white acrylic (straw)
  • metallic white (cup lid & logo)
  • black glitter acrylic (edging of logo)
  • stainless steel ear hook

Drink, Bitch!

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