This collection is really special to us - Ricardo Style and Miss Anna Stomosis.

It´s our first collection together and we had so much luck to win her for this!

We met Miss Anna at a fashion show many years ago - instantly clicked and spent a lot of time together. When you meet such an inspirational person it´s just a matter of time until something awesome is born!

We sat together one evening and the idea to do a collab came up - not long until the visions started bubbling up.

The main idea behind our M.A.S. x RCDO collection is to destigmatise and break up with the negative feels of the word FAT. We want you to be free and "slap" it in the face of those who misuse it!

To make more of it - what do fat bitches do all day long according to a fatphobic society? Right - eat. So why not turn this into fucking delicious jewellery?

We love those burgers, fries and pizza - so why not wear them?