Let us introduce our collaboration collection with an amazing creative and unique artist. But before we explain everything, let himself give you all his thoughts about this collection:

"My name is Elai Menai or formally called

Princess Elai

and I am an artist from Vienna.

When I met Ricardo we immediately had a connection. I came up with so many ideas of what describes me and my art the most. Together with Ricardo Vienna, we designed these three amazing pieces.


As an inspiration for the Crown Kink piece, I took things, that influenced me the most. Fetish accessoires and princesses, combined both into something that might be a little bit shocking.

Inspired by Snow White and Alice in Wonderland, I decided to create a poisoned apple with EAT ME on it, to escape the stress and drama and first wake because of your true love´s kiss again.

Last but not least, the punk duck is something i loved for a long time since it´s so controversial to combine children movie figures into something rebellic or bad.


I really do believe that there is something in this collection for every single princess out there!"

When Elai first came up with this ideas.....